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Oh I am so excited to finally be sharing my honeymoon pictures with you! I so honored that they’re being featured today on Entouriste! If you ever want to explore the world, I highly recommend scouring Entouriste for travel ideas and beautiful, beautiful images.

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Belize was a dream of a honeymoon, and Brendan and I had the time of our lives snorkeling, hiking waterfalls, climbing Mayan ruins and, of course, lounging in the tropical sun. I miraculously didn’t get sunburned until one of our last days too, which made me pretty proud of myself! Since coming back, it’s been a dream to photograph a wedding down there. I’m so tempted to market myself as a “Belize Destination Wedding Photographer” just so I can go back! It truly is a wonderful country with a culture and beauty all it’s own.

Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerBelize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_02Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_03Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_04Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_05Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_06Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_07Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_08Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_09Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_10Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_11Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_12Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_13Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerBelize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_15Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_16Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_17Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_18Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_19Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_20Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_22Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_23Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_24Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_25Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_26Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_27Belize Destination Wedding PhotographerBelize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_29Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_30Belize_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_31Belize Destination Wedding Photographer

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  • Ami - It was such an honor to share your honeymoon on Entouriste! :)ReplyCancel

    • Emily March - Ami! You are so sweet! Thank YOU for featuring me! Love, love, love Entouriste :)ReplyCancel

  • Linnea - Your photos are gorgeous. Looks like you had an amazing honeymoon and congrats on the Entouriste feature. It’s a dream of mine to be featured on that site.ReplyCancel

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