September Goals

sept 2016

Truly, I think August may have been the fastest month in history. Between family visiting twice, shooting a wedding and organizing/finishing up a big styled shoot, the past 31 days flew by! My business celebrated it’s 5th birthday a couple weeks before I turned 26. I spent a week in North Carolina and saw so many of my favorite people. We explored our little town and fell in love even more with our area of California. I’m not sure I’ll ever tire of tasting wine on the weekends :) September looks like it’ll slow things down a bit, which I am very excited about. I feel like our life has been pretty nonstop recently with something big just around the corner, but there’s no big plans and very few travels in September. I’m pretty excited for a month of normalcy, weekends at home and settling even more into our new life.

So here what I’d like to accomplish with all this time!

No. 1 Photograph a wonderfully sweet couple get married at one of my favorite venues in Richmond. Can’t wait to shoot at Tuckahoe Plantation again! I absolutely love this venue – the history, the gardens, the open space. It’ll be my third time shooting here, but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Tuckahoe.

No. 2 Finalize the design of and hopefully launch my new website! I had hoped to go live with it a couple weeks ago, but, alas, technology and I don’t always get along. Hopefully September will provide smoother sailing on the tech side of things and more clarity as I make a few more design choices. I can’t wait to show what I’ve been working on!

No. 3 Start a new exercise routine here in Santa Rosa! Exercise is typically the first thing to go out the window whenever my day-to-day routine is disrupted. It’s pretty safe to say the moving across the country was and continues to be a big transition, so my consistency with running has gone out the window. I’m hoping to get back into shape this month and be more disciplined in building runs and workouts into my weekly schedule.

No. 4 Refinish my desk and finish unpacking/decorating our office. This has been on my list for a long time, but this month might be the first month I’ll actually be able to do it! I have quite a bit of furniture I’d like to refinish, but my desk is the most pressing since it determines a few other office furniture purchases that I haven’t been able to make yet. Thus, I have a lot of office stuff laying on the floor and still in boxes!

 And life according to Instagram! Celebrated 5 years of business, bought my new favorite shirt/expressed my love for gardening and flowers in my apparel, organized and photographed an amazing styled shoot and celebrated my 26th birthday by sleeping in late and seeing all my favorite people :)

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Emily is a destination film wedding photographer. She loves natural light and is available to travel worldwide.

Based in Santa Rosa, California. 

Available worldwide.