December Goals



Am I the only who feels like December comes out of nowhere every year?? Christmas and this season always seem to sneak up on me – I really can’t believe we only have one month left in 2016! November was a month filled with highs and lows, but I was consistently grateful for the friends and family who love us so well. We watched my mom have surgery to decrease her risk for women’s cancers down the road, said “goodbye and see you in Heaven” to Brendan’s grandma and realized once again just how far the East is from the West. I can tell you this much – I adore traveling, but flying across the country 10 times in 6 months is exhausting! I’m excited to steer clear of airports for two whole months! Especially now that we’re rounding out the final touches on our home sweet home :) I finally got my indecisive self together, picked out some furniture and finished up our office! It might be my favorite room in our little place now :) December is shaping up to be a wonderful month with lots of fun things on the calendar. I’m looking forward to multiple nights of a full house and an abundance of baked goods and Christmas spirit :) Here a few things on my list for this month!

No. 1 Host our first Christmas! Sadly Brendan has to work on Christmas delivering babies (I suppose there are worse places to be in the hospital on Christmas Day), so we’re having my parents spend Christmas with us instead of heading back East for the holidays. My Christmas fever has been steadily building from Labor Day, which is MUCH earlier than I normally hits me, so I’m excited to not only completely Christmasify our home, but have family here to enjoy it with us!

No. 2 Host two interview dinners for resident interviewees. It’s absolutely crazy to me that a year ago we were traveling all over the place interviewing at different hospitals and trying to decide which one we could see ourselves at. Now that we’re on the other side (and SO in love with where we matched!), I’m so excited to be on the welcoming end of things and meet all the potential people Brendan could work with next year. Also, I’ve got a lot of pent up hosting energy, so this will be good for me :)

No. 3 Goal set for 2017. Setting goals for the new year is always a tedious process for me, but it’s something that I look forward to every year. It’s a chance to reflect on the last 12 months and what they meant for me professionally and personally. 2016, as I’m sure you’ve seen, was a big year for us. There are so many things I hope for in 2017, so I’m excited to sit down and put pen to paper for some of the goals I have.

No. 4 Be completely present for this season. I’m a planner at heart and it’s so easy for me to constantly be looking ahead at whats down the road or in the next season. I not only want to enjoy and soak up this holiday season, but also this season in my career. I’m not going to lie, moving a business 3000 miles is not easy. The last several months I’ve battled self-doubt, frustration, impatience, uncertainty and so, so much comparison. It’s hard booking at a slower rate, being unknown in a new area and trying to figure out how to make it in a totally new market. I have loved getting to know my fellow photographers in the area and meeting other wedding industry folks. I know that this season is temporary and that this whole process of reestablishing myself just takes time, but my goodness is it hard to wait and trust in the Lord’s timing! I’m hoping with less on my plate for December, I’ll be more diligent about balancing my goal-setting and planning self  with simply resting in the present.



Emily is a destination film wedding photographer. She loves natural light and is available to travel worldwide.

Based in Santa Rosa, California. 

Available worldwide.