2016 Recap

So I told myself that my 2016 recap was going to be shorter than my 2015 recap, but I’m pretty sure it’s like twice as long! Sorry not sorry. I clearly took a lot of pictures in 2016! I’d like to think it’s because I’m a photographer, but I also know that it’s because I got a new iPhone with more memory ;) The past year was one of the biggest in my life to date, and I’m so grateful for the incredible, challenging and beautiful experiences that made 2016 truly amazing. From moving 3000 miles across the country to watching my favorite person achieve an incredible dream to living in a foreign country for a month to seeing some of the most beautiful places in America, the past year was adventurous and humbling in countless ways. So! Let’s begin my massive, rambling recap of 2016…

Travels! I thought 2015 couldn’t be beat for how much I traveled, but 2016 certainly held its own and may have even surpassed our six-week Western adventure last year. According to Southwest, I flew more than $30k miles!! To start the year, Brendan and I spent a month in La Ceiba, Honduras while he worked alongside an incredible doctor. I had the opportunity to see Brendan as a doctor, not just hear about it. I was even able to photograph him taking care of people – it was a beautiful and rare intersection of our two passions that I’m not sure we’ll ever have again. From there we spent a brief time in New Orleans before a beach week in Florida with family and a long weekend in Austin, Texas for an engagement session. The big trip this year, though, was our drive across the country when we moved from North Carolina to California. We visited lots of state parks, watched the sunrise over the Grand Canyon, stood in the hair dryer that is Death Valley and took in sweeping views of some of the most remote places in America. It was one of the greatest adventures of our marriage, and we arrived in California grateful that we got to share such an amazing experience.

This year was a different year for my business as I booked fewer weddings to accommodate our move to California. The couples I worked with this year were some of my kindest, and I was consistently humbled by their decision to choose me to take part in their weddings. It was so hard to pick favorites from my weddings this year, but here’s a handful that can’t possibly do justice to the beautiful days I had the privilege of photographing. A few of these images below are from shoots and weddings that I’m excited to share soon! :)

Outside of weddings, I also got to photograph some lovely people for their engagements, anniversaries and just because. From my sweet grandparents to a fellow photographer to young couples in love, I got to take pictures of some wonderful people in some beautiful locations. Here are a few of my faves…

And finally, this year was an amazing one for me outside of taking pictures! In March, Brendan and I found out that we were moving to California and less than three months later we had driven across the country and moved into our new home. Spring was filled with weekends in the mountains, tea parties with old friends and saying farewell to our beloved Carolina. We celebrated Brendan’s graduation from medical school – I’ve never been so proud of my guy. He’s worked incredibly hard to be the best doctor possible and it’s so fun seeing him go to work as one each day. Once we got to Santa Rosa, we loved making our house a home and exploring some of the most beautiful places in California. From afternoon jaunts to watch the sunset at our favorite coastal view to weekends in Carmel with friends (more pictures coming soon!) to Saturdays wine tasting in Napa, we’ve absolutely fallen in love with this beautiful state. It’s hard to believe we’ve already lived here 6 months! In the summer I celebrated 5 years of business and redid my website. I flew back and forth across the country finishing up lovely weddings – so tired of airports, y’all.  We spent Thanksgiving in Maryland with Brendan’s family and my parents came out West to spend Christmas with us. It was a busy year overflowing with change, but I had the best friend to spend it with and was continually grateful that I get to do life with such a fantastic human :) God was good to us this year. There’s no doubt about it.


Emily is a destination film wedding photographer. She loves natural light and is available to travel worldwide.

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  • Cassie Barreda - I am absolutely impressed with this set of work! I may not be there during the times you took all of these photos but just seeing an overview of what you had done in a year makes me emotional. I guess maybe because it the photo screams regality and reality with no hint of scriptedness. I really like how you can capture each special moment that when people who don’t even know you personally or these people, still feels somethings. I love this. Thank you for sharing! I would look forward for you work in 2017! :)ReplyCancel

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