2017 Goals

Hooray for a new year! Can y’all believe it’s 2017?? Last year was so incredible and in many ways far exceeded my expectations. Every year I spend a few days thinking about what I want the next year to look like. What do I want the next 12 months to me? This year I used my friend, Lara’s, PowerSheets to help me cast a vision for the next year. They required a lot more work than simply listing resolutions. They forced me to reflect on the hard parts of 2016. What worked and what didn’t. My successes and the things that didn’t work out. After working through everything, I’ve come up with these 7 things for 2017 (well that has a nice ring to it!). Some are difficult and will require either lots of diligence or lots of faith. Regardless, my heart is pulled toward each of them and I’m so excited to begin breaking them into bite sized bits to accomplish slowly but surely.

No. 1 Successfully transition my business to California. This is kind of a loaded goal since it really encompasses so much – legally moving my business’s status to California, booking local weddings, etc.

No. 2 Develop and maintain healthy habits. I feel like this goal is really an umbrella for some of the next few goals, but really this one is rooted in self-discipline. From healthy eating to exercise to wisely using my free time, there are areas in my life where I’ve let apathy or laziness get the best of me. I have a laundry list of areas where I’d like to have more of a routine to build a foundation for long-term healthy lifestyle.

No. 3 Run a half-marathon! It’s been a long time since I ran a race (my last marathon really did me in a couple years ago), and there are SO many beautiful places to run in our area that I really don’t have an excuse.

No. 4 Be creative for myself. From painting to taking pictures to refinishing furniture, I want this to be a year of personal creative endeavors.

No. 5 Read at least one book per month. I’m not the best reader and can be pretty picky about the books I want to read. However, there’s nothing like getting swept up in a book or having a new outlook on life after a good read. I have a pretty solid book list going, but I know  you bookworms out there have lots of suggestions :) Feel free to share them in the comments!

No. 6 Actively trust the Lord with the pace and direction of my work. This has been a tough one for me since moving. I’m definitely a doer and often exhaust myself trying to fix something, improve something or reach a goal before ever giving it to God. My business looked a lot different this past year with our move, living in a different country and traveling so often. As I transition my work to a new location I want my first step this year to be in faith.

No. 7 Grow and maintain a garden. If I’m being honest, this is the goal I’m most excited about! I planted tomatoes on our back porch for years in Chapel Hill, but now that we have a backyard, I can greatly expand my garden ventures! We had a little one this past summer, but we’re building a second bed and will be starting almost all our plants from seed! I’ve read SO MANY blog posts, articles, etc about companion planting, watering schedules, sunlight and soil types that I’m ready to just get going already! It’ll be a new project, so I’m hoping that we have a happy bounty of fruits and veggies this summer :)

Now for January! Big goals aren’t achieved in a day, so part of why I’ve regularly kept monthly goals is because they keep me committed to my long-term goals and they make them more realistic to accomplish. So, for the next month, here are a few things that will help me get on track to checking off a few of my 2017 goals:

No. 1 Keep to an exercise routine and try running three times each week.

No. 2 Begin planting seedlings for our garden.

No. 3 Refinish our two bedroom dressers. This is going to be quite the undertaking, but if I finish them both this month then I will be the HAPPIEST!

No. 4 Get to work on our 2016 taxes.

No. 5  Finish reading “Just Mercy” and reread “Born to Run.” Both are SO good, and I highly recommend them. The later will make you want to go outside and un 10 miles, which is why I’m reading it as I begin running again!

No. 6 Begin setting up and (maybe) launch my new print shop!


Emily is a California film wedding photographer. She loves natural light and is available to travel worldwide.

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