March Goals


Happy March, friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready for spring, sunshine and lots of pretty flowers! February was an amazing month that was overflowing adventure! I spent a long weekend in snowy Lake Tahoe celebrating Brendan’s birthday, a few days in Las Vegas for WPPI (a wedding photographer’s conference) and a few more sunny days in Carmel with my sweet mama. I, of course, shot lots of film on my travels, and can’t wait to share them here :) The rain finally started to dissipate this month, which has me SO excited for one of my favorite seasons: spring! I’ve got a busy month ahead, and I’m so excited to get to it!

No. 1 Be completely off the grid when we spend a week in Mexico! This will be the first real vacation Brendan and I have taken just the two of us since out honeymoon almost four years ago! I plan on turning off all emails, texts, everything for 7 whole days

No. 2 Be outside and active as often as possible now that the sun is out! We’ve had a tremendous amount of rain this winter (far more than usual apparently) and haven’t really had more than 2-3 sunny days here and there since October. This week is the first time in ages where rain hasn’t been in the forecast and I really couldn’t be more grateful! As I write this, I’m sitting in our front yard because I’ve missed the sun so much! So, now that spring is pretty much here, I want to be outside enjoying it whenever I can.

No. 3 Continue to book senior sessions! I still have slots open, so click here for more details!

No. 4 Read Pride and Prejudice. This is an old favorite that I’d love to revisit this month. I also didn’t finish Born to Run this month (it’s hard to read about running when you’re trapped inside because of pouring rain!), so I’d love to cross that off the list as well.

No. 5 Host one of my very best friends, Chelsea, and show her all the wonderful things we love about Northern California!

No. 6 Clean up and prep our backyard for planting our garden next month! My seedlings have done really well this month and I’m excited to watch them get even bigger/bear fruit over the next several months! We also got a tiny clementine tree a couple weeks ago which has me WAY too excited.

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