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Tori + Jeff

Monterey Engagement Session   There are so many reasons I love these pictures of my dear friends, Tori and Jeff! They remind me of a weekend spent with lifelong friends exploring one of the most beautiful spots in California. Brendan and I have known Jeff since our freshman year of college. He’s our “cool friend”…

Tiffany + Andy

Sonoma Engagement Session   The drive to Sonoma is one of my favorites in our area. A long country road winds through acres and acres of lush vineyards speckled with wineries, old homes and giant oak trees. I almost want to cheer for the vines because I know they’re working hard to make some really…

To Love

“I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” Vincent van Gogh

Anna + Amir

Film Anniversary Session   Anna and Amir are just wonderful humans. Anna has an adventurous and generous spirit that has taken her all over the world. The girl has a taste for rosé and delicious food and ain’t ashamed! Amir is one of those people that makes you feel like you’ve been lifelong friends. With a goofy…

Lauren + Matt

 Film Engagement Session   I’ll have you know that this film engagement session checked off one of the locations on my unofficial session bucket list – a horse farm! And I’m very allergic to horses guys. Like swollen face, puffy eyes, hives, the works. BUT not with these two! It could be because this place…


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