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2016 Recap

So I told myself that my 2016 recap was going to be shorter than my 2015 recap, but I’m pretty sure it’s like twice as long! Sorry not sorry. I clearly took a lot of pictures in 2016! I’d like to think it’s because I’m a photographer, but I also know that it’s because I…

  • 2017 Goals - Emily March Photography | California and Destination Wedding Photographer - […] for a new year! Can y’all believe it’s 2017?? Last year was so incredible and in many ways far exceeded my expectations. Every year I spend a few days […]ReplyCancel

  • Cassie Barreda - I am absolutely impressed with this set of work! I may not be there during the times you took all of these photos but just seeing an overview of what you had done in a year makes me emotional. I guess maybe because it the photo screams regality and reality with no hint of scriptedness. I really like how you can capture each special moment that when people who don’t even know you personally or these people, still feels somethings. I love this. Thank you for sharing! I would look forward for you work in 2017! :)ReplyCancel

5 Years

Half a decade. 1825 days. 5 years. It’s absolutely insane to me that I’ve had this little business for that long! Often I don’t even feel like I’m old enough to have a company that’s 5 years old. I started Emily March Photography the summer before my senior year of college at UNC. I was…


A Love Letter to Carolina

Dear Carolina, It’s been 2845 days since I moved into my freshman dorm – Kenan Room 103 – and began calling you home. 2845 days since the best years of my life to date began, and for that, I am immensely grateful for each and every one of those 2845 days. I’ve called Chapel Hill…

  • Shannon - Stop it. I’m weeping. I love this place!!ReplyCancel

  • Tommy - Wow, what a post! A whole bunch of memories came flooding back for me as I read this. And to think I had almost forgotten about YoPo! But seriously, thanks for helping me reflect back on those four great years of undergrad at Carolina.ReplyCancel

  • 5 Years » Emily March Photography | International Destination Wedding Photographer - […] 5 years old. I started Emily March Photography the summer before my senior year of college at UNC. I was sitting on the big yellow couch in my living room when I decided that this was what I wanted […]ReplyCancel

Honduras, Here We Come!

Hi friends! Today is a big day because in just a few hours, Brendan and I will be heading to Honduras! For the next month, he’ll be working alongside a Honduran doctor in the town of La Ceiba. Nestled between the jungle and the ocean, La Ceiba is going to be an incredible place to…

Merry Christmas!

Oh I love this time of year! I’ll be spending the next couple weeks with family, so I’ll be slow to respond to emails and inquiries. I’ll be back in January with a slew of goals for the new year and a TON of pictures from my travels over the last 6 weeks. Get pumped!…

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