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Mimi + Pop Pop

Old Love on Film   Everyone, I’d like you to meet Mimi and Pop Pop, my grandparents :) They are the best version of Southern grandparents, and I love them dearly! When I was little, we’d visit them in their big brick house in Asheville, NC, and I’d help her make enough biscuits to feed…

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Sugar Euphoria

Everyone, meet my sweet friend, Randi! Randi is the owner and cake-maker extraordinaire over at Sugar Euphoria and my oh my is she talented! I’ve worked with this lovely lady several times and have never been disappointed (in looks and taste) in the beautiful desserts I’ve gotten to photograph. Remember my French Impressionist shoot? Yea, Randi…

Meet Tiffany!

Say hello to my amazing spring intern, Tiffany! Tiffany is a freshman at UNC and an all-around fun person.  If there’s one thing these pictures tell you it’s that Tiffany is full of JOY. I could tell immediately from when I read her application (which literally made me laugh out loud) that Tiffany is one…

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Tim & Casey in Colorado | Film

If you remember, way back when I took a little trip to Colorado to visit Brendan’s brother and sister-in-law, Tim and Casey. Best week ever, hands down. I’m so happy that I can call these two family now. On a side note, marrying Brendan was the best package deal ever. I’m an only child and…


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