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Well, it’s about time I started sharing some of the film from my European adventures this summer! First of all, let me just say that my Mamiya 645 is a tank. That camera is huge. I have to give a big shout out to Brendan who carried my not-small Canon most of the trip because I couldn’t fit both cameras in my bag. The struggle was real. He also stayed true to his wedding vows and let me “stop and take a picture of whatever I wanted to take a picture of,” which meant we were lagging behind the rest of the family for about 98% of the trip. I had to photograph all the cute cafes and flowers, right??

I’m a traveler at heart, and few things excite me like European towns. Hallstatt is the quintessential little Austrian town with winding cobblestone streets, vine-framed windows and little houses built into the side of a beautiful mountain range overlooking an enormous blue lake. When I saw pictures before we left, I decided I had to go there, even if it was by myself. Thankfully, Mama Payne and I won over the group and the uber long day trip made it on the itinerary. I took plenty more digital images, which I’ll share in due time, but for now these few frames are some of my film favorites.

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Our next stop after Hallstatt was the big city of Salzburg! The picture above might be my absolute favorite from the whole trip. Those colors + that view = wowzers. We have this framed in our little apartment, and I think I stop and daydream by it every other day. Brendan was especially excited about Salzburg because there is a huge castle that overlooks the city. His only request for the whole trip was that we visit a castle, so he was like a kid in a candy shop as we read about the castle’s history, wandered through narrow passageways and stared wide-eyed and horrified at mediaeval torture devices.  My favorite part was reaching the top of the castle (where the picture above was taken from) and watching the beginning of the sunset over such a beautiful city. The day ended with not one, but two trips to a gelato shop and dinner at a biergarten. It was a solid day trip to be sure.

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