Best of 2014: Film


If you’ve followed my work for some time, then you may know that I’ve dabbled with film here and there. 2014 was the year that I fell in love with this medium. I truly invested in film this year, both financially and with my time. I bought two new cameras, spent LOTS of time on the phone with the guys at the lab developing my rolls, attended a workshop and began sharing more of my work in this medium. Film inspires a different part of my brain. I can’t quite explain it, but it forces me to slow down and really connect with my subject. I’m more intentional with each frame. It challenges me creatively and has forced me to understand a lot of the aspects of photography that digital cameras do for you automatically. I hauled my film cameras all over the world with me this year- literally. As far South as the Dominican Republic and as far east as Austria. Time and time again, I’ve shouted at family and friends to wait just a minutes while I take time to compose an image instead of snapping it as I walk by so I don’t hold everyone up.

I love film, y’all, and am so excited to shoot even more of it in 2015. If you’d like to see more from some of these shoots and a couple others, you can check out my film archive here. I’m a little behind in sharing many of these sessions in their entirely, but I planning on catching up over the next month or so :)

fine-art-film-photographer-02fine-art-film-photographer-03fine-art-film-photographer-04fine-art-film-photographer-05fine-art-film-photographer-06fine-art-film-photographer-07fine-art-film-photographer-08Portra 400 // Photovisionfine-art-film-photographer-10Portra 400 // Photovisionfine-art-film-photographer-12fine-art-film-photographer-13fine-art-film-photographer-14fine-art-film-photographer-15RPL // Fuji 400Hfine-art-film-photographer-17RPL // Fuji 400HRPL // Fuji 400Hfine-art-film-photographer-20fine-art-film-photographer-21fine-art-film-photographer-22fine-art-film-photographer-23fine-art-film-photographer-24fine-art-film-photographer-25Photovision // Fuji 400Hfine-art-film-photographer-27Photovision // Fuji 400HPhotovision // Fuji 400HPhotovision // Fuji 400Hfine-art-film-photographer-31fine-art-film-photographer-32fine-art-film-photographer-33fine-art-film-photographer-34fine-art-film-photographer-35fine-art-film-photographer-36fine-art-film-photographer-37fine-art-film-photographer-38fine-art-film-photographer-39

I was so excited to have Hilary’s bridals featured on Wedding Sparrow!

fine-art-film-photographer-40fine-art-film-photographer-41fine-art-film-photographer-42fine-art-film-photographer-43fine-art-film-photographer-44fine-art-film-photographer-45Photovisions // Ilford 400Photovisions // Ilford 400fine-art-film-photographer-48fine-art-film-photographer-49fine-art-film-photographer-50fine-art-film-photographer-51fine-art-film-photographer-52

Marla and Tyler’s film was featured on Magnolia Rouge!



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East Coast Based. Available Worldwide

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We love because He first loved us.

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