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This post has been a longtime coming, y’all. For the many sweet brides who have asked when I’ll be releasing my new albums, thank you so much for you patience! This post and the details that accompany it have literally been on my to-do list since July – yikes! All you indecisive people out there know where I’m coming from. It took me months to pick a company whose product I loved and whose quality I trusted.

For a while now I’ve wanted to offer heirloom albums that can display my couples’ wedding pictures beautifully and tangibly. I firmly believe that your pictures should not live on your computer. What’s the point of investing in your wedding photography if your pictures will only be used as Facebook profile pictures and desktop backgrounds? My desire for these albums is to be more than a keepsake. I want them to be books you flip through often, sharing the story of the day two people became one and the lifetime commitment that came with it. Like all my pictures, I want these books to remind you of the day you chose to love someone through thick and thin. When you’re angry at each other, I want you to look at your wedding pictures and be reminded of your vows. Weddings are more than flowers and pretty dresses, and I hope that these albums are treasured for the stories they tell and the vows they display.


I’ll be offering two varieties, one a Classic Leather album and the second a Tuscan Leather album. I wish I could have you guys touch these albums through your computer because they are SO soft. I want to make a pillow from this leather, seriously. Lots and lots of bright and neutral colors are available, and each album is custom-designed and assembled by hand.


I have to be a geek for a second here: I loved taking these pictures. You should have seen me last Friday, flowers all over my apartment, jewelry scattered about. It was a mess, but I loved pulling mementoes from my own wedding and marriage to style with these albums. I want these albums to be treasures, just like the note your husband wrote you before you walked down the aisle. The locket below has my wedding date engraved on the inside and was given to me by Brendan on our wedding day :)


If you’re interested in ordering an album, have questions or would like more information, email me at emilymarchphoto@gmail.com, and I’ll send you a detailed brochure which will have prices, color options and available add-ons.


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We love because He first loved us.

1 John 4:19

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East Coast Based. Available Worldwide

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Available worldwide.

We love because He first loved us.

1 John 4:19

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