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Emily is a destination wedding photographer based along the Caroline Coast, with a deep sentimentality, a belief in the beauty of marriage and an appreciation for the details that make each wedding unique have fueled the dedication and artistry behind my work for more than a decade.

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Vista Point

California Film Photographer


california film photographer

Today I’m taking you to one of my favorite places  – Vista Point Trail along the California coast. Brendan discovered this gem of an overlook by chance while browsing Google Maps for hiking trails. The first time we went, it was so foggy you couldn’t see more than 20 feet in front of you! We knew that there was this amazing view, but we could barely see to the edge of the golden field that slopes to the ocean below. Well, one weeknight a few weeks later Brendan finished worked early, so we grabbed a bottle of wine, hopped in the car and drove to “our spot” to take in the sunset. We were really proud of ourselves for being spontaneous and taking advantage of where we now live :) It was one of prettiest sights I’ve taken in since moving here, and having the amazing view obscured by the fog during our first visit made us appreciate the scene that much more. It’s become our favorite spot along the coast, and we’re so excited for more picnics with this incredible view. And you know this girl can’t wait to stick a happy couple in this field ;)

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Emily is a destination film wedding photographer. She loves natural light and is available to travel worldwide.

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